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A3 Series
Benertech A3-Series offer a range of premium quality headsets using Benertech’s innovative acoustic technology to deliver speech clarity and an excellent audio experience.

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Revolutionary Sound
Taking engineering and product design to new levels, this Danish designed acoustic equalizer structure, maximises the benefits of HD speakers to create a headset that excels in its class for clarity and performance.
Find solutions for your communications environments
Providing every headset user the ultimate experience with innovative technology, our goal is to create headsets that not only offer hearing protection but excel in comfort when worn all day.
Designed to withstand the the intensive demands of contact centres - BENERTECH is made with only the best materials to create a robust yet stylish headset.

“A-series Headsets

Discover & Experience the Essential Office Tool (Pursuing perfection achieving distinction)

The A-Series offer a range of premium quality headsets using Benertech’s innovative acoustic technology to deliver speech clarity and an excellent audio experience. Coupled with our sleek design that focuses on comfort and durability, the Benertech A-Series headset offers a new level of experience for call centre professionals.
Pursuing Audio Perfection:
Achieving a perfect balance between acoustic engineering and manufacturing Benertech headsets offer users a pleasurable all round experience.
  Attention to Detail:
Every component in our headsets are selected to ensure that its function is an enhancement to the overall product.

Clear Communication:
Wiring is the most important component within the headset. Without this communication would not be possible. All Benertech headsets are supplied with shielded wiring to dissipate unwanted signal interference for clearer conversation.
With the HD and IP models, the use of Tin plated copper wire and Kevlar wiring ensures greater tension and flexibility – ideal for intensive call centre usage.

All-day Comfort and Styling:
The T-Bar is a simple but vital part of the headset. A single piece T-Bar, padded for comfort and hard set on the outer offers rigidity to prevent slippage when worn.

The twin-injection moulded design of the T-Bar means there are no components to pull apart or clip together - minimising damage caused by wear and tear, and offers a design that is sleek and comfortable to wear.
Exquisite Design:
A functional tool that looks as good as any accessory worn by our end-users. Employing high quality materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium alloy and ABS raw material, Benertech headsets are designed to meet the rigours and demands of the busiest call centres.
No one likes to be tied to their desk. Walk away when you like with a quick disconnect cable. No need to remove the headset and simply re-connect the cable when you're ready to get back to your calls.
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